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Reading Women in the New Testament Epistles - The Social and Ecclesial Implications of Biblical Interpretation

Mittwoch, 27.03.2019

Reading Women in the New Testament Epistles. 
The Social and Ecclesial Implications of Biblical Interpretation

21-23 June 2019

Cluj, Romania, Centre of Biblical Studies


June 20

Arrival, welcome at the Centre for Biblical Studies, accommodation at Hotel Universitas
19.00    Dinner (Rhédey)

June 21

9.00-9.10    Opening, welcome
(Conference Room of Hotel Universitas)    Anna Soós (vice-rector BBU, Cluj)
9.10-9.30    Introducing The Bible and Women Project    Irmtraud Fischer (Graz)


I. Cultural, Social and Religious Context

9.30-10.00    Introducing Women in the Epistles. The Ideology of Gender Spaces and Roles in the Greco-Roman World
    Korinna Zamfir (Cluj), 
Uta Poplutz (Wuppertal)
10.00-10.40    The Rhetoric of Gender in the Epistles of the New Testament    Peter Lampe (Heidelberg)
10.40-11.00    Coffee    
11.00-11.40    Jewish Female Leaders and Benefactors (Archisynagogoi, Elders, Mothers of the Synagogue, Hierisai)  
    Bernadette Brooten (Brandeis U., Waltham, MA)
11.40-12.10    Women in the Greco-Roman Society in the First Century (Priestesses, Prophetesses, Office Holders, Benefactors)    Ute Eisen (Giessen)
12.10-12.50    Women in Private Associations. Relevance for the NT Epistles    Eva Ebel (Zürich)
13.00-14.50    Lunch (Sinaia)    


II. Women in the Household 

14.50-15.30    Women as Wives. Marriage, Separation and Divorce    Christine Gerber (Hamburg)
15.30-16.10    Mothers. Motherhood as Vocation and Ideology.
    Annette Huizenga (University of Dubuque, Iowa)
16.10-16.30    Coffee    
16.30-17.10    Older Women. Role, Ministry, Example. Fictive Kinship. Age in the Service of Ideology. 
    Angela Standhartinger (Marburg)
17.10-17.50    Widows. Remarriage, Spiritual Marriage, and the Example of the Univira    Michael Sommer (Halle)
17.50-18.30    Slave Paraenesis, Women and Gender. Slave Women as Metaphors    Maria José Schultz (Santiago, Chile/Bilbao, Spain)
20.00    Dinner (Rhédey)    

June 22

III. Women in the Ekklesia

9.00-9.40    Women Apostles, Co-Workers, Itinerant Teachers and Hosts of Domestic Ekklesiai    Dominika Kurek (Liverpool)
9.40-10.20    Diakonoi in the Corpus Paulinum    Ekaterini Tsalampouni (Thessaloniki)
10.20-10.50    Coffee    
10.50-11.30    Virgins and Asceticism. Outlook: Thecla     Marinella Perroni (Roma)

11.30-12.10    Women as Learners and Teachers. Women’s (Lack of) Authority    Korinna Zamfir (Cluj)
12.30-15.00    Lunch (Sinaia)    

IV. The Rhetoric of Gender 

15.00-15.40    Is the Gospel Liberating for Women? Freedom, Equality and Submission    Silke Petersen (Hamburg)
15.40-16.20    The Voices of the Corpus Paulinum: The Speech and Silence of Women. The Gendering of Speech    Marianne Bjelland Kartzow (Oslo)
16.20-16.50    Coffee    
16.50-17.30    Women and the Female Condition as Metaphors: Motherhood and Nursing. Freeborn and Slave (Sarah and Hagar). The Community    Uta Poplutz (Wuppertal)
18.00-20.00    Cultural walk in the old town    
20.00    Dinner (Rhédey)    

June 23

V. Theology of Gender / Gendering Theology

9.00-9.40    God and Metaphors of Femininity in the Epistles    Beate Kowalski (Dortmund) 

9.40-10.20    Women as Examples of Faith    Xavér Szabó OFM (Budapest)
10.20-10.50    Coffee    
10.50-11.30    The Woman – From Companion to the Deceived Deceiver. The Reception of Gen 1-2 in the Epistles    Maria Elisa Estevez Lopez (Comillas)
11.30-12.00    Conclusions    Irmtraud Fischer (Graz)
13.00    Lunch (Rhédey)    

Sponsors of the Conference:
Herbert Haag Stiftung für Freiheit in der Kirche

Babes-Bolyai University, Centre for Biblical Studies
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz



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